meet noelle:

Owner. Filmmaker. Photographer. Mommy. Wife. Coffee-lover. Good old-fashioned midwestern girl living the dream in Hawaii.

Since I was a little girl I’ve had this relentless desire to capture life though my lens. With an inquisitive, restless spirit, I was always exploring the world around me with a camera in hand. As a I began to document my life with photographs and home movies, I quickly realized that what I yearned to capture wasn't so much a still or moving image, but rather a story. The story of my life. 

Now with hundreds of gigs of pictures and video footage, I have an awesome collection of memories of my life that I now share with my kiddos. I bring that same passion and zeal with me on my Sweet Rain shoots.  I treat every project as if it were my own.  

Noelle Herring, Sweet Rain Media, Video production in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Brand, family and wedding films and photography.

On a personal note, I....

  • am the mommy to the two most amazing kids on earth (ages 14 & 6) and have been married to my (retired) US Navy sailor for 18 years
  • am a Norwegian girl born and raised in the midwest (Minnesota to be exact...and no I don't say ya-you-betcha)
  • now call the beautiful island of Oahu my home for the last 20 years. the islands are my playground. on days off you will find me and the family cruising around to the many beaches and hidden gems on the island
  • love watching documentaries, but can't help but dissect them scene by scene to discern how they were created
  • have a grande vanilla latte every morning (shhhhh, don't tell my doctor) and know where every Starbucks is on the island and often use them as landmarks to find my way around town
  • am very passionate about music and you will often find me humming, singing and harmonizing. love me some karaoke
  • am known for my long wavy brown hair, but most people don't know that when my husband met me in 1997 my hair was spiky and ¼ inch long and bleach blond. hey, I was 22, and it was the 90's, what can I say?
  •  would spend countless hours as a kid looking thru my uncles old photography magazines, National Geographic's and old family photo albums. the love of photos and films run in my blood
  • spent a years savings to attend Stillmotion's filmmaker-storytelling workshop in Portland. Besides my wedding day and childbirth....hands-down the best 5 days of my life.
  • can't live without: my morning coffee, my camera gear,  apple products, chapstick and ponytail holders


meet the team:

On any given project, whether photography or video related, you will meet two or more of us.

We love hanging out together, and well, we are all pretty awesome in our own right...its just how we roll.

                     Noelle      Photographer & Filmmaker


    Photographer & Filmmaker

                    Amber       Photographer & Filmmaker


     Photographer & Filmmaker

                      Lisa                Photographer