Your passion is capturing great moments...

Ours is making them unforgettable!


Don't let your videos just sit there.  

Send them to us and we will create a treasured

keepsake film for you!

What are Snippets? 

Snippets are short home videos that you have on your phone or your computer hard drive. 

You recorded them for a reason, now let us create a treasured film for you to enjoy for years to come and share with family and friends.  


How does it work? 

Its at easy, as 1...2...3


1.  You record your favorite things (your kids, your dog, your vacation, honeymoon, babies first year, family reunion, funeral, holiday celebrations, etc., the categories are endless!)

2. Send us your favorite videos via Dropbox

3. And we create a beautiful treasured keepsake film for you. We will send you a digital link to your keepsake film. Custom DVD/USB copies are available for purchase. 



Snippets start at $99.

How do I get started?

Fill out this form, and we will give you a call for a custom quote based on the amount and length of your videos.

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Do you have a deadline for the film? If so, what date?