She Is Portrait Project

Hello Gorgeous! You’re more beautiful than you think!

The She Is Portrait Project was created out of my desire to connect with women and make them feel beautiful and show them the beauty I see in them. I hope to encourage women to value themselves and see themselves the way I see them through my lens…beautiful!!

I hope to create a timeless and genuine portrait of each women. Each image is processed in black and white and presented in a photo gallery exhibit in Honolulu, Hawaii a few weeks after the portrait session. 

See our Summer 2018 event for more info.


  1. You are a mom who takes cares of EVERYBODY else except yourself all day, errr day!

  2. You are a "mature" women who has age, experience and lots of wisdom to share.

  3. You are a young women who struggles to find your identity in a society that constantly tells women we aren't good enough if we don't look like super models..

  4. You are an entrepreneurial and/or business women who has built your business from the ground up and puts all of your clients first and never takes time for yourself.

  5. You are a women who has never had professional portraits taken. 

  6. You are a women who can't see her own beauty.