holiday films

Filming Dates in 2017: 

Limited weekend dates available in October and November. 

What exactly IS a holiday film? 


Think of it as your tradition holiday card, only WAY MORE AMAZING.

And, you don't have to lick any stamps or go to the post office!!

While sending family and friends a traditional holiday card is nice and all, it doesn't really capture the essence of you and you much the kids have grown, their cute little voices and laughs and all the love and squishes shared between you.



Amount of time: 

We come to your home and capture footage of you for 1 hour. The activity you want to do during that time is your choice. You can bake cookies, jump on the trampoline, sing karaoke, play board games, or just hang out and play while I capture the essence of your family.  Within a few moments of me arriving, I promise you won't even notice I am there. After awhile, I am like a fly on the wall and the camera continue to roll as the magical fun of your family unfolds. 


What you receive: 

One week after our session together you will receive a digital download of your holiday film via Dropbox, which can then be shared to any social media platform you choose. It will be 1-2 minutes in length and contain a licensed music track.