Proud Cheer Moms Blaisdell Arena | Hawaii Photographer

"Your mom is so proud of you, don't you ever forget that Raina".

Those were the last words my dad said to me and my daughter Raina the day before he unexpectedly passed away in August. He was a man of few words so when he spoke it was always with intent, and I always listened! He saw the day before that she hesitantly allowed me to share a picture of her in her cheer uniform.

As I watched Raina so excited and nervously get on that huge stage and cheer with her junior varsity squad at the HHSSA competition I was beaming with pride, tears streaming down my face, and smiling from ear to know knowing without a shadow of a doubt that my dad was there watching over her and SO damn proud. He was always so proud of me and my sister Nikki in all we did and accomplished, and even more so, he was so proud of his four grandchildren. 

iPhone video and pics below. 

Here is a video of their routine. Raina is a "base", the tall one in the back, and her best friend Kirra is a "flyer", the one they throw up in the air. Oh and don't mind my screaming and crappy video coverage, I got so into the moment I completely forgot I was holding my phone. Oops. 

Five months ago if you would have asked me what I'd be doing yesterday it would have never guess I'd be at the Blaisdell Arena watching Raina and her JV team cheer at the State Championship. It was only five short months ago that she joined the cheer team with her best friend Kirra, so making it to "states" was not even on the radar.  The girls worked so hard all season and it really paid off. The placed fourth in the OIA competition last week which qualified them to be able to perform yesterday. They weren't being judged because they are a Junior Varsity team, but they got to perform on the big stage in the Blaisdell Arena with a huge crowd. What an amazing experience for the girls to prepare them for next year when they are competing on the varsity team.  

Aiea High School Cheerleaders State Championship 2017-1
Aiea High School Cheerleaders State Championship 2017-2

JV cheers weren't scored, but the Aiea High School varsity team did amazing and placed 4th out of 15 teams. Next year, that will be Raina and Kirra on that team!!! Go Na Al'ii!

Aiea High School Cheerleaders State Championship 2017-4
Aiea High School Cheerleaders State Championship 2017-5
Aiea High School Cheerleaders State Championship 2017-6


Here is me and Kirra's mom Marika, we were sporting our Aiea high School shirts. Next year we have LOTS of plans to represent the girls...think banners, balloons, flashing lights, lots of leis, matching cheer shirts, etc.  We may embarrass the heck out of them next year but thats ok, it just shows that we are proud. Hey, we are parents, its our job!!

And just for the record, Silas was completely content the entire competition, he just refused to get his picture taken here. 

Aiea High School Cheerleaders State Championship 2017-3