Oahu, Hawaii Family Videographer | Holiday Video Card for Alex

How do you make a US Marine cry you ask?

You send him a surprise holiday video card from his beautiful wife and one year old daughter while he is deployed overseas for the holidays.

We filmed the sweetest family a few weeks ago as part of our Holiday Video Card Giveaway.  I had never met Ashley and her daughter Maci and her mother in law Michelle before I arrived at their home, but before I left that afternoon, we had laughed and cried and shared our life stories and I felt like we had known one another for years.  

Ashley's husband Alex is a United States Marine and is deployed overseas for the holidays. Ashley entered our giveaway and won this video.

Out of all the entires for the giveaway, Ashley's story stood out from the rest.  I was once a young mother with a baby girl in a town far away from my family while my husband was deployed overseas, so her story tugged at my heart when I read it. The Bowman's were recently stationed in Hawaii and like most of us military families here, she doesn't have family here so she was planning to be extremely homesick for the holidays, alone with her daughter and without her husband. That was until her mother in law Michelle showed up in Hawaii a few days before Alex deployed with a plane ticket home for her and Maci to go home with her to visit family and friends. It wont replace her husband being gone, but I know it sure will help.  

Hopefully this short film made Alex feel a tiny bit closer to his beautiful family.   

She shared it with Alex and said he has watched it every day since and that it just might have made this big tough marine cry (which is my ultimate goal in life LOL).   

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