Kauai Adventure with Jenna

It's no secret that 95% of my friends are photographers.  Hey, great minds think alike and us creative left brained people need to stick together.  So, when my friend and wedding photographer Jenna of Jenna Leigh Photography asked if I would second shoot a wedding on Kauai with her of course I said yes.  I absolutely love Kauai and have visited several times, but would never pass up an opportunity to go again.

Morning coffee on the beach. Yes please!

We crammed in as many possible tourist locations we could possibly see in one day. Among them of course had to be Wailua Falls and the Kilauea Lighthouse and the north shore.  We hopped in our red convertible Camaro (hey, when we were in full on tourist mode and wanted to play the part) and put the top down and cruised. Hair blowing in the wind and smiles the size of Texas on both of our faces.  

We wandered around the quaint little town of Hanalei on the north shore of Kauai.  We pulled over on the side of the road when we saw this beauty of a rainbow pop up out of nowhere. Turns out some locals make a habit of doing the same every time they see a rainbow.  I am pretty sure we stopped every mile or so to take pictures.  Hey, can you blame us? Kauai is an absolute stunner everywhere you turn. 

We made our way to the wedding site, a stunner of beach home in Hanalei, owned by the late Elizabeth Taylor. Here's Jenna showing off her ninja photography skills at the intimate beach wedding. 

Due to heavy rain in Hanalei, the bridge connecting Hanalei heading back toward our hotel on the south shore was closed for a few hours so we decided to have some fun and headed toward Ke'e Beach Park.  


That evening we went to Trees Lounge  a quaint local bar/restaurant within walking distance of our hotel.  We were so blown away by the talent of the local Kauai musician Jeff Caldwell that we asked if we could join him for a song or two.  Both Jenna and I got up and sang while he played guitar.   It was magical.  Both Jenna and I love to sing but rarely get the chance to anymore so this was a rare treat for both of us.  All five patrons clapped so we count that as a win.  LOL

The Na Pali coast is a must see on Kauai.  I have taken this boat tour every time I visit Kauai and have always had the best experience with Captain Andy’s Catamaran. We took morning snorkel tour.

It started out great, but not long into it Jenna got seasick.  Unfortunately she spent most of the sail on the back the boat taking doses of dramamine, crackers and seltzer water.  Meanwhile, I was awe struck once again by the breathtaking Na Pali Coast. 

We came upon a pod of spinner dolphins.  I could have watched them all day long.  

As we rounded one of cliffs, we came up one of many waterfalls.  I turn to show Jenna and she is fast asleep.  I snapped a quick picture of her and then turned the camera on myself for my annual selfie.  

Before we turned around to head back to shore, we docked the catamaran for a bit and I got to swim in the pristine sapphire water, surrounded by a pod of dolphins.  

Jenna was too sick to take a picture of me swimming, but I will remember that moment forever.  Its the most peaceful I have felt in a very long time.  

As we headed back, we encountered a rain storm.  Oh man, that was so much fun. As everybody headed for a safe and dry place on the boat, I first ran to the front of the boat to let the raindrops hit my face. I am not going to lie, I kind of felt like Kate Winslet on The Titanic. Well maybe half Kate and half a giddy little 3 year old.  I then ran to get my camera and the captain invited me to stand next to him as he drove the boat.  What we saw next was something the captain said he has never seen in real life in the 20 years he has been sailing.  They call it "chocolate falls” its when there is so much rain that the water at the top of the cliff, at the base of the waterfall runs muddy brown.  Very, very cool to see, and probably a once in a lifetime chance.  

After we got back on dry land, Jenna slept off her dramamine and handed me to the keys to the Camaro.  Oh yeah baby.  The moment I had been waiting for (shhh, don’t tell the rental company).  And it was only fitting that drive toward the nearest coffee farm and cap off the weekend with the delicious Kauai Coffee.  Duh.  Poor Jenna finally came too once we got to the airport to head back to Honolulu.