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As a photographer, business owner, mom and creative, my brain is often swirling with a bazillion thoughts per second and keeping those thoughts, deadlines, ideas and things that I need to take action is almost nearly impossible. Until I found Honeybook that is. Ok, so it cant help my kids with their homework or do the dishes, but when it comes to keeping my business dates, transactions and details in check, this program is my life saver!

Our clients are loving the user experience and sheer prettiness and ease of using Honeybook to review session and product prices, sign contracts, make payments, receive emails about shoot details, etc. And for my fellow business owner friends, you are going to LOVE Honeybook. You can do a free 14 day trial here and use this 50% off code. For you Apple product lovers, you'll feel right at home using Honeybook to streamline your biz. Its just so perdy!

Once I became a member of the Honeybook clan, this little beauty of a notebook arrived in the mail with a hand written note saying  "Welcome to the Family". And doesn't she just fit right in with my desk accessories nicely? It's these little touches that really make a company and a brand stand out to me and make me want to shout from the rooftops how amazing they are.

And FYI...We were not sponsored to write this blog post. The views expressed are solely those of SRM and reflect our true feelings about having used this company for the past two years..

Not to date myself back to the stone age or anything, but when I started my business six years ago, I did all of our bookkeeping on paper. I mailed contracts back and forth with clients, had them mail checks for retainers and final payments and filed everything in a filing cabinet. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE me a shiny new notebook and I keep most of my notes handwritten in a journal, but keeping track of our clients these days is so much easier with the advance of technology and Honeybook makes it so darn easy.

Before we committed, we did lots of research on Client Retention Management systems, aka CRM's (phew, that was a doozy...basically client software programs) specifically for creatives and photographers and found a few good ones, but ultimately fell in love with Honeybook. It seemed only natural that we love it, since its a affiliated with the Rising Tide Society which is a community of creatives across the globe that I belong to and adore. Read about our fun styled wedding shoot and collaboration with some amazing creatives Rising Tide Society here. 

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I found Honeybook and was so intrigued by its pretty interface and user-friendliness that I booked a demo with Ian to see how everything worked! I was hooked and signed up that day and have loved used it daily every since. 

We love how efficient Honeybook is and how easy it is for us to keep up with all of our bookkeeping, client emails, contracts, etc. 

We love it so much we think that you would love it too! So here are 9 reasons why:

1. Accept Online Payments.

 Enough said. No more paper work and filing cabinets. 

2. Customer Service is Amazing!

Honeybook has top notch customer service. Their help desk is always available to answer questions. And the best part...you email them your contracts and email templates and they will integrate the information for you right into Honeybook so all you have to do is log in and get started connecting digitally with your clients with contracts. 

3. Automation baby!

Tracks new leads, bookings, payment schedules and integrate Honeybook with your calendar and you are set to go baby! Never forget to follow up with a lead ever again! Umm, this one is a game changer for me. It also allows you to set up email reminders that go out automatically to your clients so you don’t have to keep track of payments due, etc. This feature alone has saved tons of hours NOT being on email for hours every month. And you can even optimize this by creating email templates right in the software to that you don’t have to rewrite that same email over and over!! 

4. Digital Brochures

Back in the day, when we got a new inquiry we would mail each perspective client a physical booklet with our prices and portfolio. This was not only tedious (think licking stamps, dirving to the post office, spending hundreds on printed products, envelopes, etc) but extreamely expensive. Now, when we get an inquiry, within moments, we can check our integrated calendar to see if we are available on that date, and sned the prospective client a digital brochure. 

5. App on your Smartphone 

Now when any of the above happens....we dont need to be near our computer to get information to our clinets.....we simply log onto our Honeybook App (available in teh app store  and tend to our clients needs with a push of a button on our phone. Genius!

6. Collaborate with Other Creatives & Vendors 

This is incredible! I love that I can add the florist, planner, caterer, etc to my workspaces so that we all can be on the same page for a wedding. From viewing and sharing the timeline to quickly and efficiently sharing emails, to even viewing details about the event like addresses, dates, and times. It’s so efficient and I LOVE that!!

7. Project Management

Each project has a timeline with steps or so called “status” of your project. You can easily verify if you need to follow up with a client, send a proposal, email or setup a call. No tasks are left forgotten or overlooked. Integrate your calendar, set alarms or reminders.

8. Branded Content

Personalize and add your branding to proposals, contracts and invoices, email templates, etc.

9. Client Questionnaries

Get valuable feedback and testimonials from your clients by sending questionaries to collect information and feedback from them.

Honeybook has been an incredible game changer for our business and I highly recommend them. Check them out and get 50% off your first year!