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You know those moments when you step out in fear and do something that scares you half to death? Well, that was me as I presented my script and story idea for a feature film called "The Gift of You, a Story of Adoption" at the Pitch Meeting at Hawaii Filmmakers Collective. I was a nervous wreck. Thank you so much to my filmmaker friend and mentor Jana of Hapa Films Studio, my friend Tina with Eat Cake Gallery and my bestie Amber of Amber DeCicco Photography for having my back and encouraging me to get out of my comfort zone and present my story.

I was still an emotional wreck from my dads unexpected passing exactly one month prior. I thought of 8,497 of other reasons why I should just sneak out the back and door and NOT get up in front of the audience. But with the help of Jana and Amber and my dad watching me from above giving me courage, I stepped out into fear and presented my story idea. 

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”

- Jack Canfield

Hawaii Filmmakers Collective Pitch Meeting Hawaii Filmmaker

Amber offered to pick me up because she knew I would be too nervous to drive and that I wanted to practice my pitch on her on the ride over. We arrived early and as I sat in the audience and saw all the others looking so confident,

I sank into my chair and told her

"I'm too nervous, I am not going to do it", I WANT TO GO HOME!.

She encouraged me that I was going to do great and that everybody else was probably nervous too. I nervously looked at my pitch notes and took the book "Big Magic, Creative Living Beyond Fear" out of my purse, the I had been carrying with me everywhere I went the past few weeks. I held them both close to my heart with my sweaty palms and listened to the first pitch and when it was over I quickly raised my hand to go second to get it over with before I passed out from nerves. Haha

Hawaii Filmmakers Collective Pitch Meeting Hawaii Filmmaker

There were ten stories pitched.

My pitch tied for 2nd place!

But even more important than that...I see the night as a win because I looked fear in the face and told it to take a back seat. Now, here's to the next chapter...filming the thing!!

Hawaii Filmmakers Collective Pitch Meeting Hawaii Filmmaker
Hawaii Filmmakers Collective Pitch Meeting Hawaii Filmmaker
Hawaii Filmmakers Collective Pitch Meeting Hawaii Filmmaker

Huge thank you to my Hawaii Film Collective Ohana and founder Tom Schneider for putting on this quarterly event to allow filmmakers, storytellers, writers, producers, directors and the like to present their stories. 

The concept of the HFC Pitch meeting is to share your story ideas and concepts. You have three minutes to present your pitch and make them precise and most of all, make them memorable! Projects that can attract most member interest get to join the third production cycle of 2017 with HFC benefits, such as free use of our space and access to our resources and network. The first place winner received a $750 Voucher by Hawaii Camera. The pitch meeting is open to HFC members only. If you're interested in pitching a film concept or would like to join one of the film crews, but haven't signed up to HFC yet, please check out their membership options and benefits here

Hawaii Filmmakers Collective community has become ohana to me and such a great group of supportive, creative people, including, writers, actors, producers, directors and filmmakers.

Here's a highlight reel produced by HFC to showcase all the awesome stuff they have been up to in the last few years. 

Becoming a member of HFC has so many benefits, here are just a few:

• Networking with Hawaii's filmmaker community
• Regular pitch sessions and film production cycles
• Facilities for crew meetings, castings, table-reads
• Screening facilities to showcase your latest masterpiece
• Structure and network to get your project off the ground
• Guest lectures and workshops by industry professionals

And here is what you get out of your membership:

 Build and grow your network with local filmmakers
• Hone your skills and gain more experience
• Build your reel and resume with the films you make
• Get input and feedback from your peers
• Help the local film community grow and prosper
• No need to leave the islands to make more films!

To sign up for HFC membership http://hifilmmakers.com/events---pitch-meeting.html

What's your Story?

I know I am not alone in feeling nervous to do something outside of the comfort zone. Please comment below with your story of being brave and taking a leap of faith.