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The "Beyond the Stills" Film Workshop

An in-person filmmaking course for photographers

Learn how to master video using your DSLR camera.

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About the Workshop

The "Beyond the Stills" workshop will teach you how to master video using your DSLR camera. Yes, the very same camera you use for still photography is capable of creating an Emmy Award Winning Film (my goal one day). 

Capturing even just 4-5 second small snippets of video and incorporating it into your clients slideshow really adds a whole new dimension. There's just something about adding movement and sound that brings those images to life. You will learn the basics of filmmaking so you can easily transition between stills and video. 


Here is a sample of what you will learn

Camera settings, gear, mastering manual focus, camera movements, how to use b-roll, music selection, switching between stills and video, post production, editing and visual storytelling, lens selection, building a story, audio, slideshows, organizing files.  



As a photographer turned filmmaker, I have gained many valuable lessons and learned so much about filmmaking and want to share my tricks of the trade with you! After years of workshops, seminars, mentorships, webinars, Google searches, YouTube tutorials, etc, and basically learning by trial and error and making a million mistakes, I have so much to share with you!