Fearlessly Pursue Your Dreams | Hawaii Photographer

Fearlessly pursue your dreams.

Not matter what. 

Fearlessly Purse Your Dreams Sweet Rain Studio

During a Tuesdays Together meeting with the Rising Tide Society, the leaders of our local chapter and (and my photographer friends) Vanessa Hicks Photography and Rae Marshall Photography mentioned the book "Big Magic, Creative Living Beyond Fear" by Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat Pray Love. I was intrigued and dazzled by the cover of the book and immediately ordered it on Amazon.  I have carried this book in my purse since the moment it arrived. Any free uninterupted moment I have, I read a page here and there and have my highlighter ready to grab those juicy tidbits that speak to my soul and remind me to continue the pursuit of creating and having a creative life without fear. 


I am going to spend as much time as I can creating delightful things out of my existence, because thats what brings me awake and thats what brings me alive.

My business mentor and beautiful friend Sloane Ketcham of The Daydream Slayer Master Class encouraged me to create a graphic that represented what I was feeling this week, a mantra if you will. I found a beautiful stock image by Lyndsea with a bright color and bokeh (love me some bokeh) and wrote the words "Fearlessly Pursue Your Dreams". It spoke to me. It WAS me and how I do life. I didn't realize at the moment that it 100% matches with the graphic of Big Magic. 

Fearlessly Purse Your Dreams Sweet Rain Studio Big Magic Creative Living Beyond Fear

Defending yourself as a creative person begins by defining yourself. It begins when you declare your intent. Stand up tall and say it loud, whatever it is: I am a photographer, I am a filmmaker, I am a writer, I am a producer, I am a creative.

As an innately introverted and shy person by nature, typically my initial reaction to doing something scary or that put myself "out there" in the world is absolutely gut wrenching and makes my palms sweat and my heart start racing. I don't like to be in the spotlight, I like to blend into the background. Its one of the many reasons I became a photographer, I feel safe to capture the world around be from behind my lens. 

Your soul has been waiting for you to wake up to your own existence for years. Constantly reminding myself that I'm very serious about the business of creative living and that I will never stop creating, no matter what the outcome, and no matter how deep my anxieties and insecurities might be.