Every woman deserves to feel beautiful!


Yesterday, I did something really scary and vulnerable. I got IN FRONT of the camera on a Facebook Live video to talk about an upcoming project that has been in my brain and on my heart. All the details and application process will be open this week Friday June 15, but until then I wanted to share a little bit more about the project. 

Glamour Photography Mapuana Reed Photography

I shared the story of how Mapuana Reed Photography took my photo and through that photo I was able to see for the first time the beauty that others see in me. I walked into her studio a hot mess, and left feeling like a million buck.s. I will forever cherish that image and its framed on my husbands desk and is a daily reminder for me to see myself how others see me. Beautiful. 

I truly believe every woman deserves to feel beautiful!

Sometimes our busy lives steal away all of our attention and we don't take any time to take care of ourselves. I know for me, as a mom, a wife, and a business owner, I rarely take time for myself. And its once in a blue moon that I really take the time to pamper myself and get all dolled up and feel beautiful. 

I want be celebrate women. To lift them up. To make them feel beautiful by capturing their stories and their beauty through my lens.

God gave me to the gift of an "eye for photography" and a personality that is warm and inviting (or so I've been told) and makes whomever steps in front of my camera want to open open and show me their true self, their soul. I want to ignite that sparkle in women's eyes through portraits and allow their light to shine bright and share their story to inspire others.

Glamour Photographer Hawaii Sweet Rain Studio

I met Anna about a year ago and the second she stepped in front of my camera I snapped this gorgeous photo of her. I love that smurk on her face and the twinkle in her eye. A truly genuine, timeless black and white image of a beautiful women. 

EVERY women should have such an image. I will begin to photograph women in a special passion project called the         "She Is" Portrait Project in July.

Applications accepted starting Friday, June 15.