Chinatown Co-Working Office at Real Office Center | Hawaii Brand Photographer

Co-working is awesome. There is just something about sitting next to somebody that is hustling to get it done just as hard as you are. Very motivating. 


Collaborating with other creatives is totally my jam. Now, don't get me wrong, as an introvert, I typically like to work and edit alone in silence but come afternoon, I start to feel a bit lonely. And while sitting at a coffee shop working alone isn't really the epitome of being social, it filled that lonely feeling and void of wanting to be surrounded by people that hits me about 1pm every afternoon. In comes my super beautiful and talented wedding photographer friend Ashley of  Ashley Goodwin Photography who has a super cute downtown office that she wanted to share with other creatives. Jenna and I showed up one rainy afternoon and upon entering were met with the scent of a yummy candle, a cup of coffee and the bubbly personality of Ashley and her SUPER cute office decorated in true Ashley fashion, bright and colorful. I mean, come on. 

It was a no brainer that I wanted in on the office goodness. Right in the heart of downtown Honolulu and Chinatown, close to amazing restaurants and coffee shops. What else could a girl ask for. The office is part of the Real Office Centers in Chinatown and has occupants such as architects, start up companies, tech companies and just a whole slew of cool entrepreneurs in search of that perfect mix of being surrounded by other business owners but having your own space and a space to call your own. 

The office is shared by the most amazing ladies in Honolulu.

Ashely, a wedding photographer at Ashley Goodwin Photography

Jenna, a wedding photographer at Jenna Leigh Photography

Chava, a wedding and event planner with Vida Chic Events

Kiersten with Marie Blooms.

We utilized the space in so many different ways, we of course did a lot of co-working and shenanigans, had lots of client meetings, we hosted glamour photoshoot, had a birth photo gallery opening on First Friday, held a video workshop, hosted a few Tuesdays Together meetings with the local Rising Tide Society. 

Amazing space.

Amazing female entrepreneur colleagues and now friends. 

ALL furniture and decor by Ashley Goodwin. 


Next time you are in Chinatown Honolulu, come visit us at the

Real Office Centers at

1110 Nuuanu Ave

on the corner of School Street and Nuuanu Ave.