Hawaii Headshots | Children's Couture Downtown Honolulu

Photography Shootouts are one of my favorite things to do with my photographer friends. The City Streets Childrens Couture shootout was hosted and styled by my two dear friends Kat Parker Photography and Sharleen Mey Photography.

My favorite thing about shootouts is there is no pressure to be perfect, and its a relaxed time to try new techniques, swap lenses with a friend, test out different poses, lighting and composition. Since the girls were young and playful, we had so much fun putting them in fun poses in not so obvious place like inside a window sill, on top of a bike rack, or hugging a lamp post for instance. 

There was a large group of us at this shootout so we paired off into groups of 4-5 and took each model for 30-45 to whatever location downtown inspired us. And man, there is no shortage of cool spots to photograph downtown Honolulu, Our models Ava, Summer and Kenzie were super sweet and adorable, and so much fun to work with. A special thank you to their parents for allowing us to photograph their beautiful children. 

And can we just talk about these dresses for a second? Ummmm, two words...tulle...and...lace. Yes and Yes!

And a few behind the scenes of the photographers doing their thang!