Best Friends Session | Hawaii Photographer

My daughter Raina and her bestie Kirra are inseperable. Their friendship reminds me of those I had with my besties Stephanie, Lori, Heather and Gina at that age. Back in our day there were no cell phones, so we either had to talk on the landline (that was literally stuck to the wall) or make plans for sleepover and ride bikes to one another house. Oh the "good" old days LOL. 

The girls decided to do a bestie session. They spent countless hours shopping for the perfect dresses (which ended up being the same exact dress just in different colors), they thought long and hard about what location to shoot at and they made hair and makeup appointments so they would look there best. 

Well, the day finally came and it was the worlds most crazy day at Ala Moana so hair and makekup took forever, and we then headed to the ONLY spot on Oahu that day that wasn't raining, which was Waimanalo Recreational Park. Of course we had a major wardrobe malfunction that had to be fixed in the nasty beach bathroom. As I waited in the car watching the camera gear, I felt the temperature drop and I could smell the raining coming. Wardrobes somewhat in tact, we knew we had little time to shoot so we headed to the foresty area where the sun is typically streaming through the trees. Not this day. It was so windy. I had to girls play and goof around and frolick through the woods but it wasn't 10-15 minutes into the session, wouldn't you know it, the rain found us as we were heading from the forest area to the beach. I snapped 4-5 frames before it down poured on us and we had to run back to the car. 

At the end of the day we captured some adorable images for the girls, some headshots for their modeling portfolio, and some super cute bestie moments. 


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