Our 5 pound Easter Miracle

Easter has always been a special holiday in our family, not in the painted eggs-jelly beans-stuffed bunnies kind of way, but rather for the significance of actual religious meaning behind it. 

Well, six years ago Easter morning we received a phone call that changed our lives forever. 

Silas and Noelle, Silas 1 day old, Sweet Rain Media, Honolulu, Hawaii

Today, after church, we reminisced with Silas about what a miraculous day Easter six years ago was for us. .

After five years of failed infertility treatments, two years of adoption paperwork, one failed adoption placement and so much anticipation, we got a call from Silas' birth mom that he was born Easter morning. Within 2 hours I had booked and boarded a plane to Indiana.  Three planes and 18 hours later, my heart about exploded when I saw him for the first time through the nursery window.

He was 1 day old. He was a tiny little peanut weighing 5 pounds. 

We spent 10 days in Indiana while the adoption paperwork cleared.  Both my mom and sister came to visit Silas and I to make the days go by faster.  I will forever be grateful for them being there with us.  On day 11, I packed Silas in my baby carrier and headed back home to Hawaii.  24 hours later his proud dad and sister got to hold him for the first time.  My life, at that moment, was complete.  

I couldn't keep my hands off of Silas for the first few months. He has been glued to my side every moment since....and I would have it no other way.