Birth faq

Why should I hire a birth photographer and/or filmmaker?
Many mothers find that after giving birth, they only have a few concrete memories of the experience. Having photography and/or a birth film allows parents to see and remember all the special moments of their journey. The tenderness of your partner, the intensity in your face, the beauty in the struggle to hold on when everything inside of you wants to give up. And, of course, those first miraculous moments when you finally meet your baby.

What does my investment include*?

  • In-person meeting so we can go over any questions you may have
  • 2 birth photographers from our team on-call 24/7 from 38 weeks until the baby is born
  • Coverage during active labor and birth
  • 2 hours of postpartum coverage
  • Online Social Media Birth Announcement posted within 72 hours
  • Gallery available within 3 weeks, Film available within 30 days
  • A USB Drive for safekeeping

*Fresh 48 and Adoption Homecoming sessions excluded

What does the price of a Fresh 48 include:

  • In-person meeting so we can go over any questions
  • 2 hours of coverage within 48 hours after birth
  • Online Social Media Birth Announcement posted within 72 hours
  • Gallery available within 3 weeks, Film available within 30 days
  • A USB Drive for safekeeping

How do we get our due date on your calendar?
Please go to our contact page and fill out a short questionnaire and we will give you a call and get your due date on our calendar. To reserve your due date in our calendar, a non-refundable retainer fee of $500 is due.  

When should I book with you?
Because of the unpredictable nature of birth, the immense amount of editing afterward, and being busy moms ourselves, we only schedule two births per month. Please keep this in mind and secure your due date in our calendar as early as possible. Please contact us as soon as possible for an in-person consultation.

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes. A retainer of $500 is due upon booking and will reserve your due date and the 2-3 weeks before and 1-week after as “on-call” days in our calendar.  We can arrange a monthly payment plan for the remaining balance. Full payment must be received 30 days prior to your due date. 

This is a big commitment, can we get together to meet in-person first?
Absolutely! We'd love to meet you in=person and answer any questions you have in person. Contact us and we'll find a time to meet!

My spouse/partner/doula said they can take a few pictures with their cell phone, so, why should we hire you?          While candid cell phone pictures and videos are ok, there is something so special about a professionally photographed and edited gallery of images and/or a professionally filmed and edited birth film that just cannot compare to cell phone quality. And there are so many little details of the birthing experience that your partner will not think to capture, and let's be honest, you want him/her IN the images not TAKING them. Whereas, thats the sole purpose and mission for us being in the room.... to find and capture those little moments for you. Whoever is holding the shaky cell phone is in the room because they are a key support person for you and they are there for a reason...TO SUPPORT YOU, so the last thing on their mind when the baby is crowning is making sure the phone is steady. Our sole job in your birthing space is to capture the fine details of your birth story so your partner doesn't have to!! And once baby arrives, the last thing they are going to want to do is sit down in front of a computer and edit the photos/footage. Whereas its our PASSION, and we love it, so we take the utmost care of your images and curate a beautiful collection of images/footage for you to cherish for a lifetime. 

What's the difference between birth photography and a birth film?
Birth photography captures your special moments in still images. A birth film captures video footage of those moments that are all too soon a distant memory…your babies first cry, that moment your eyes meet for the first time, audio and visual exchanges between you and your partner and your birth support team, siblings meeting baby, and much, much more. Its your decision which medium you choose. Our team is skilled and prepared to capture either photography or video or both depending on the package you choose. 

Can I get copies of the raw, un-edited photos and/or video you take?
We do not offer raw images of photographs. However, if you purchase a birth film package and you wish to see and experience the raw, unedited moments we have captured for you, without any editing or music overlay, you can purchase the original unedited raw video files for an additional $500.

What about privacy? Are you going to post my photos and/or video online?
We will talk about your preferred level of modesty at our in-person consultation and we will make note in your contract of specific things you would/wouldn’t like us to capture.  We work hard to capture angles that tell the full story of your birth story without showing the graphic nature of birth and therefore will only share modest photographs/film online. We love sharing empowering stories of birth, however, we absolutely respect families that wish to keep their birth photos/film private, however, if you choose to keep your photographs and/or video completely private, a $250 privacy fee will be added.

Do you use video/studio lights or flash during a birth?
We do not use studio lights during a birth.  We do have a small video light with a dimmer in our bag but only use it sparingly in case of an emergency (for example, baby is born in the car) but I discuss with all of my clients that I personally believe lights to be intrusive to the normal laboring process. We do keep a flash for photographs in our bag as well, and will use the flash only when needed and will "bounce" the flash off of the ceiling so as to avoid glaring the light toward you or baby. If there will be a significant difference in the quality of the footage, I may simply request lights be turned up slightly. Of course you reserve the right at any time to tell me to turn them down, and I will do the best I can with what light I have. If this is the case, the photographs/video will be more grainy and have motion blur and it greatly affects the quality of footage I am able to capture. 

Will you be interacting with us at all during labor?
It depends. In the time leading up to your due date, we will be in frequent communication to establish a relationship so you and your spouse/partner feels comfortable with one of us from the team in the room the day of delivery. It’s essential for you to have a peaceful birth space and we are perfectly content being a “fly on the wall” and not interacting with you at all if that is what you wish. Basically, we are not seen/heard when you don't need us but there for you when you do! There may be times when we will have more interaction depending on the intensity and stage of your labor, but again its up to you how much or little you would like to be aware that we are there. After years of experience capturing births, we know how to pick up on the que's of those around us to know when to silently excuse ourself or to be more present when needed. 

When should I call you when I go into labor?
We like to arrive when you are in active labor. As soon as you feel ANY changes at all, please give us a heads up!!  It is always better to err on the side of telling us way too early than to tell us too late. Our entire team have children that we may need to find care for, and may need to move around our schedule to be at your birth so we ask that you or one of your support team stay in constant contact with us while you are in labor. Please assign a support person (ie. your spouse, partner, best friend, mom or doula) to stay in contact with us and let me know where you’re at in your labor process. Depending on your labor choices, (i.e. not getting checked often for dilation) you will just need to listen to your body and let us know when we should come. If you are getting checked and find out you are about 5-6 cm dilated, that is generally a good time for us to join you. Staying in constant communication is the best way to ensure we get there in plenty of time for your birth, while at the same time not hovering around you needlessly for many hours.

You reference "our team", does that mean more than one person will be capturing my birth?                                              Only one person will photograph your birth. There is always a lead photographer for each birth, this is the person you and your support team will be in direct contact with. If the lead photographer is not able to make it to the birth for whatever reason, the back-up photographer will document the birth. During your in-person consultation, you will meet your lead photographer and the backup photographer so you are familiar with both. Typically, Noelle will be the lead photographer, however, any one of the ladies on the team (Amber, Lisa and Dina) will do a great job as your birth photographer.

What if my birth takes a really long time?
We are committed to be there with you until baby is born. Our camera bags are packed full of snacks and water, but we may, after 4 hours request to leave for a moment to get something from the vending machine. We do reserve the right after 8 hours to leave for 30 minutes (with your knowledge and approval and not during a crucial time during your labor of course) to take care of personal business and/or freshen up and get some food or make a phone call, but we don’t want you to worry about how much you are paying hourly after a certain point. All packages include unlimited coverage. We also keep a blanket and pillow and a laptop and headphones, so in the event we are there "for the long haul", we are prepared to rest or work our computer, etc and not be a distraction to you. 

How long do you stay after I give birth?
Typically 1-2 hours. If you have a quick labor though, we may stay longer after the birth to get more footage possibly capturing things like extended family meeting baby or nursing for the first time, etc. 

What kind of births are you allowed to capture? 
Any! Home births, vaginal births, hospital births, forceps-assisted deliveries, and on occasion cesarean sections (c-sections depend on hospital policy and/or your doctor).     

What if I am required have a schedule cesarean birth?
It is your responsibility to communicate with your care provider and advocate having us in the operating room. If it is an emergency situation and we are not allowed in the operating room, if possible we may hand our camera to someone who will be there so they can capture the birth as best as they can, and we will resume taking footage as soon as baby has been stabilized. It is ultimately your doctor and the anesthesiologist who make the decision whether we are allowed in the room and your request weighs infinitely heavier than mine. If you know you are having a c-section in advance, please advocate for us to be in the room during your prenatal appointments.  

What if something goes “wrong” during the birth?
We will discuss this during your client meeting, but unless otherwise specified, and if the situation allows, we will continue shooting. If a loss of life occurs post-birth, we will continue getting footage. While hard to watch, it may be very helpful during the healing process after a traumatic birth experience.

What if you get sick or can’t make it to the birth for some reason?
While we do not get very close or touch your baby during a birth session, we believe the delivery environment should be as free of germs as possible and your lead photographer will not attend your birth if they are running a fever, have a new cough, sore throat or congestion. If we are recovering from a cold, we will voluntarily wear a mask. In the event that your lead photographer is too ill to attend your birth, your backup photographer will take her place. Our entire team is female and professional photographers and/or filmmakers, so you can fully trust they will do a great job in your lead photographers absence.

What happens if you miss the birth?
Birth can be unpredictable! And while we make every effort to arrive with enough time to capture your labor, birth, and first hours together, in the event of a truly precipitous labor, we still aim to tell your story (in this case...your story was a fast, unpredictable birth!) and we will stay as long as we need to get the same amount of footage you would have received if you had a longer labor. 

Can we use our favorite song in our film? And how do you pick the songs for the birth film? 
Typically “your favorite song” is copyrighted and not available to be licensed.  Even if you have a song that you have purchased through iTunes or similar, that song is purchased for personal use not commercial use so we are unable to use that song.  All songs chosen by us are legally purchased/licensed to be used for your film. Songs are licensed through various music licensing websites such as, and Please feel free to search those sites and let us know if you find a song that you would like to use in your film. We typically choose instrumental songs, but occasionally we will find a great song with vocals. 

Do you film every second of our birthing process?
No. Unlike “old school” videography from years ago, professional filmmaking is an art form and does not require non-stop footage of your entire birth from start to finish, rather we take small snippets ranging from seconds to minutes of details and important moments and weave them together to beautifully tell the story of your birth. The only time our camera will be recording for several consecutive minutes is when you are pushing and baby is crowing.

We would like you to capture our birth...

now what?


Please go to our contact page and fill out a short questionnaire and we will give you a call.