The "Beyond the Stills" workshop

An in-person filmmaking course for photographers

Learn how to master video using your DSLR camera.



Saturday, May 12, 2018 in Honolulu, Hawaii. 10am-4pm. 

about the workshop

The "Beyond the Stills" workshop will teach you how to master video using your DSLR camera. Yes, the very same camera you use for still photography is capable of creating an Emmy Award Winning Film (my goal one day). Capturing even just 4-5 second small snippets of video and incorporating it into your clients slideshow really adds a whole new dimension. There's just something about adding movement and sound that brings those images to life. You will learn the basics of filmmaking so you can easily transition between stills and video.

As a photographer turned filmmaker, I (Noelle) have gained many valuable lessons and learned so much about filmmaking and want to share my tricks of the trade with you! After years of workshops, seminars, mentorships, webinars, Google searches, YouTube tutorials, etc, and basically learning by trial and error and making a million mistakes, I have so much to share with you!


10am-12:00pm Part I

12:00-12:30pm Lunch

1:2:30-2pm Part 2

2pm-4pm Part 3

Snacks, drinks and lunch provided.


Studio in Aiea (details released to participants upon registration). 


You need to be comfortable shooting your dslr camera in manual mode, but you do not need to have prior knowledge of shooting video.



  • Gear
  • Lens selection and movement


  • Camera settings
  • Mastering manual focusing
  • Audio
  • Stabilization
  • Switching between stills and video

Visual Storytelling

  • Building a story
  • B-Roll 


  • Pre-production planning 


  • Choosing and licensing music
  • Editing 
  • Editing software
  • Data and storage
  • Organizing filles
  • Exporting and delivering

bonus items

  • 60 minute post-workshop mentor session
  • PDF guide of the workshop

a little bit about sweet rain and Noelle

I've been a professional photographer since 2011.. I basically have a camera in my hand 24/7 and just cant get enough of capturing life around me.I have always been passionate about photography, however, my love of film began in May 2013 when I teamed up with award winning photographer Chelsea Humphreys during her family photo sessions. I was there to hold her bag but what ended up happening was serendipitous. During the sessions, unbeknownest to the clients, I would shoot 5-10 second snippets of video of their session....their kids running down the beach laughing, mom and dad embraced in a kiss, dad dancing and twirling his daughter around. A few weeks later when the clients viewed their slideshow of images at their Image Reveal Session, their reaction to the snippets of film was they hadn’t even realized I was filming! 

At this point I had caught the "filmmaker bug" and a few months later I attended a 5-day intensive film workshop and fell head over heals in love with filmmaking and haven't stopped soaking up every piece of knowledge about the industry and the craft ever since. I filmed my very first ever promotional film for her photography business. It was then I fell in love with filmmaking and knew I was destined to be a filmmaker

In 2014 I added films to my list of services for Sweet Rain Media and that year alone I filmed 22 films!! I just couldn’t get enough! Now half way into 2017 I have filmed and produced over 60 films!  Click here for more info about Noelle and her amazing team of associate photographers and filmmakers. 

My very first film, a behind the scenes brand film of CMHdesign. 

Most recent work, a styled wedding shoot, a collaboration of Hawaii wedding vendors. 


One payment of $349.or two payments of $190.